My First Digital Perm

On July i went to Seoul with my husband for vacation. I love to watch Korean drama so this is one of my “to do” list in my life. There’s another thing i really really want to do in Korea….to get my hair curled up. Almost all Korean woman have curly hair and i really want it. I found a nice salon in Hongdae. It was on the 2nd floor. The salon is so cozy, and all the hair stylist are very friendly although we spoke different languages but they were trying so hard to make me comfort.
The stylist understood what i want and started to do the digital perm.
While waiting, the stylists played my favourite Korean Songs and showed me the video clips that they like…hahahaha it was very nice!
The digital perm and the coloring took time about 4 hours, started at 6pm until 10pm. They said the salon is close at 9pm but they still want to do the perm for me although it will make they got home late. Thank you sooo much…
Finally i got my first digital perm and brown hair in Korea…i like the result and really want to do it again…
So i write this to keep my promise to the stylist…i hope someday i will meet you guys again. And when you in Korea and want to perm your hair, you can come to this salon.
This is the address:


Here are the stylist šŸ˜‰
I hope the hair stylists read this and say hallo to me šŸ˜‰



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