Steve jobs, my inspiration

Recently, i just finished reading ‘who: steve jobs’.
Reading this book, i got surprised finding that little jobs had difficulties in school.

He had no interest in schools’s subject. A lot of teachers gave him a really bad score, he almost dropped out from the school.

Until his parents decided to move to another town,when he met this teacher, imogene teddy hill. Mrs. Hill was the only teacher who believe in Jobs. She found a way to made Jobs got interested with the lesson, she used reward methods to win Jobs heart. When Jobs finished his home work, she will gave reward to Jobs.
Finally, he passed 5 th grade directly to junior high school. Thanks to the teacher, Jobs got his interest in study.

He left college to start the business with his best friend.. During his Business life, he had lot of failure. More failure, more spirit that he had to build his company. His biggest failure was when he got fired from his own company, apple.

He build NeXT and joined PIXAR to established toy story movie, which became very popular that time. Few years past, apple almost bankrupt and the board executive asked Jobs to come back to Apple.

Since Jobs already learned from his fault before, he launched imac, iphone, ipod, and absolutely ipad, my best gadget of all hihihihi (ms. Lee dilarang protes)

From Jobs i can take a lesson, that failure is the beginning of success. Never give up and THINK FORWARD.

Ms Tee pecinta apple product


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